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Diu Island is located south of Gujarat, India, and is connected to the mainland by bridges and a ferry.


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Road from Jalandhar Beach to Ganeshwar Mahadev temple, Diu Relax, go sightseeing, explore the island with a motorbike, work on your tan on a beach. Drive/Ride/Cycle. Start by visiting the fort (which is located near the island jail). Proceed a few meters in the direction of the jetty, turn left to visit St. Paul's church and Diu museum (a sign post will indicate the left turn). From here, you might want to criss-cross your way through narrow alleys with Portuguese architecture-influenced houses to reach the Diu government hospital (formerly St. Francis of Assis, founded in 1593). Travel further down the road to reach Jalandar beach. A breathtaking view lies stretched on your left, as you get to Gangeshwar Mahadev temple. Now weave through Fudam to get to Malala. The road connects to Bunder road. Turn left and travel about 4 km to reach Nagoa beach. You can turn around and stay on Bunder road to return to the city which is about 8 km away. Or you can back-track your steps and relive the experience.  The city has many beaches which one may choose as per their tastes. 20.7090270.985191 Jalandhar Beach. A very quiet,least crowded and isolated beach, apt for bathing and sun-bathing. No commercial establishments are insight at the beach, so you might want to carry something, just in case you go hungry!  20.7113570.923552 Nagoa Beach. Most commercial beach, complete with water-sports and lined with restaurants offering variety of seafood.