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Saputara is Gujarat's only hill station, in the Dang district of South Gujarat. It is located on a plateau in the Western Ghats, at an altitude of 1,000m above sea level. The Maharashtra state line is just 4km away from the town. The cities closest to Saputara are Surat, 156km away, and Nashik, 79km. It gets significant numbers of tourists from both states, so Saputara isn't exactly off the beaten track. At the same time, it hasn't been overwhelmed with visitors like many other hill stations of India. It has just about enough to spend a quiet weekend.


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20.57573173.73401591 Echo Point. Away from the town but gives superb view of the Saputara valley.  20.5755473.745212 Saputara Lake. A Main Attraction in Saputara can be viewed from the Ropeway which offers a 10 minute ride to Sunrise Point.  20.5793773.747833 Saputara Museum, Surat-Saputara-Nasik Highway. 9AM-6PM. A small museum that has collections of tribal artifacts of the Dang area. It also gives information on topography and anthropology of the Dangs. The displays include stuffed birds, tribal ornaments, jewelry and musical instruments but don't be disappointed by presentation. Student Rs 1, Adults Rs 2, Foreigner Rs 50. (updated Aug 2017) 20.5867473.757574 Sunrise Point. It is a point which offers the best view of Saputara and adjoining Malegoan could be reached after a walk of 1.5 km in the direction of Waghai. The naming restricts the tourist traffic to this best place as tourists believe that the point should only be visited at sun rise, however, one may visit it at any time of the day to catch a panoramic view. The Tata Consultancy Services has suggested renaming this point as Valley View Point to enhance tourist traffic.  20.5761873.733675 Sunset Point.  20.5732673.744246 Nageshwar Mahadev (Nageshwar Mahadev Temple), on southern bank of the lake.. A holy temple dedicated to Lord Shiva worshiped by locals.  Gardens 20.5747673.74657 Lake Garden (Lake View Garden). This is an area along the Saputara Lake with various gardens and is a popular picnic site. It also has children's play area.  20.5798173.750188 Rose Garden, little beyond Bus Stop.  20.5675173.744489 Saputara Adventure Park. A recreational park offering many different activities such as paragliding, zorbing, rock climbing, horseback riding and jungle safari.  20.5797273.7445710 Step Garden.