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Palolem Beach

Palolem is a village in South Goa, India.


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Things to do

1 Do 1.1 Beach 1.2 Activities 1.2.1 Other activities Sunset over Green Island from Palolem Beach Beach Take a walk to Butterfly Island, which is to your right on entering the beach. You can walk along the beach and across some rocks during low tide and reach the island, during high tide water covers and makes it impossible to walk across. The island has a network of trails to explore and the more adventurous can traverse the rocks on the periphery of the island. Make sure you carry your water bottle and be careful, people have injured themselves walking over these rocks. Further on to the right is Butterfly Beach. You'll need a boat to get there but worth a trip for a change of scenery. It has a very steep beach, so deep that you can dive in from the waters edge if you time your dive correctly. Further on still is Honeymoon Beach, a small strip of beach which generally brings you total seclusion. These islands are usually visited by couples who want get away from the prying eyes of tourists. The best time for a boat ride to these islands is either in the morning at 07:00 or in the evening around 17:00 when you can see the setting sun from the boat. You need to bargain with the boatsman to get a good deal, there are quite a few running these boats and it would be best to talk to 3-4 before agreeing. A good price is ₹700-₹800 for an hour long ride. Activities Palolem is a small beach town but do take long walks. Carry a torch if walking along the beach at night. If you happen to be there on a full moon night, its quite an experience stolling on the beach on a full moon night with the islands clearly visible in the moon light,you will find people partying late into the night up to 02:00 - 03:00 in the morning. Immediately to the south of Palolem, which gets busier every season, is the beautiful Columb Bay where you can stay in a comfortable yet eco friendly complex. Just beyond is Patnem beach which used to be much quieter than Palolem but has a few guest houses and beach shacks. You can take a boat ride in the river joining the sea on northern side of the Palolem beach. Very quiet and more in the 1960s than in the 21st c (thank goodness). No jet skis. From Palolem you can find some outdoor sport as : Scuba diving ( near Palolem Guest house ) Canyoning and trekking tour ( book at Casa Fiesta restaurant ) Rent self-paddle sea kayak boat(in samson`s kiosk) Other activities Palolem Beach Take a boat trip to see Dolphins, best time is sunset and sunrise, great boat crew near the Church on the right hand side. Day trip to Dudhsagar Falls (Sea of Milk) which are in the top 100 highest falls in the world. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary A visit to the spice farms. A day trip to Karwar. The drive is nice, though hot during the day. Just before entering Karwar town, the Kali Bridge offers awesome views of the idyllic Karwar Beach, especially from a "Fort" in ruins (actually a recreation point, possibly developed by local municipality. This spot is on the north end of the bridge and has flight of stairs going almost 15.2 m. Take a fishing boat ride with local fishermen Spend a day in Agonda 20 km north of Palolem, very quiet beach. Further north there is an old fort (Cap de Rama) and beautiful views as you drive over the hills. Yoga Classes - In a colourful Yoga Space Kranti Yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa has Drop In Class every morning(09:00) & afternoon(16:00) see signs from the Beach for Kranti Ashtanga Yoga behind Cuba Bar or from Brown Bread Restaurant. Kranti (the teacher) is knowledgeable and has a charismatic personality his classes are not for the fainthearted but you may be exhilarated afterwards. Silent Noise-Party, Neptunes Point (south of the main-beach). THE alternative to the legendary but almost extinct goa-parties. Big crowds of children gather every Saturday for serious partying and dancing underneath the starry sky. You'll be handed wireless headphones with three different channels. Entrance fee is ₹600/person [as per the recently concludes Silent Noise: season 7]  One of the most beautiful Goan beaches, although not as peaceful as it used to be (sometimes referred to as the Goan lost paradise). Palolem Beach is long beach now entirely filled with rooms and huts (₹150-₹400) and restaurants, sometimes with live music. There's also a market for tourists. Walk the beach at night with a torch and you'll be amazed by crabs running away from you.

Palolem Beach