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Kotagiri is a beautiful hill station in the Nilgiris Hills, about 33 km southeast of Ooty.


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John Sullivan Bungalow, Kanneri Mukku (5 km). John Sullivan's bungalow, the one he built during his stay, has been renovated and is open to the public. It is located in Kannerimukku, about 20 minutes from the main town. (updated May 2015) Kodanad Viewpoint. The town is surrounded by many tourist spots. One very popular place is the Kodanad View Point. Accessible by road, 16 km (10 miles) from Kotagiri or about 30 minutes by vehicle, it provides a splendid view of the great Mysore Plateau to one side and the picturesque 500 acres (200 hectares) farming cooperative called Thengu mara haada, which seems like a green mosaic amidst the shrubland; lazily meandering this little village is the Bhavani River. (updated May 2015) 11.4372676.874371 Longwood Forest, Bisons, Foxes and Squirrels can be spotted. (Milidhane Road). Longwood forest is a pristine tropical evergreen forest in Kotagiri town. It is a secluded refuge for those seeking peace and quiet, and is home to the flying fox/Malabar Squirrel (a large arboreal squirrel) that is rarely seen. There is also a resident family of about 20 bison which can be seen grazing in the evenings just outside the forest on Milidhane road. (updated May 2015) 11.4235576.865522 Nehru Park (Jawahalal Nehru Park), Town centre (1 km). The Nehru Park in the town has a big complex which houses a temple of the Kotas, the Gandhi Maidanam which is the public playground, congregation centre and the flood shelter which is used in normal times for indoor games. A private park about 3 km from the town on coonoor road specialises in roses and is a must see in the months, March to June. (updated May 2015) 11.4432976.886263 Rangasamy Peak. Pilgrim centre (updated May 2015) 11.4432976.886264 Rangaswamy Pillar, Denad Village, Rangaswamy Peak. On the northwest of Rangaswamy Peak, after "The Denad village" is found the 1785-m-high Rangaswamy Pillar, which is an extraordinary isolated rocky pillar rising in solitary grandeur to a height of120 m (400 feet) and has sheer sides, which are quite unclimbable. Kil-kotagiri, Sholurmattam, Karagodumattam and Kadasholai are the places enroute to the Rangaswamy peak. (updated May 2015) St. Catherine Waterfalls, Aravenu. Other places of interest are the St.Catherine waterfalls near Aravenu, the Uyilatty falls, 15 km from Kotagiri town and the 1,785 m (5,856 feet) high Rangasamy Peak. It is a conical peak and is the most sacred hill on the plateau. Being the Holy deity of the Nilgiris, this shrine is visited by thousands of pilgrims from the 'Kongu' region and other places every year. According to Hindu Legend, Lord Rangaswamy used to live at Karamadai in Coimbatore district on the plains but quarrelled with his wife and came to live alone here. Two-foot prints on the rock not far from Arakadu village below the peak, are stated to be the proof for this event. (updated May 2015) Uyilatty Water Falls (15 km). (updated May 2015) Kotagiri abounds in big European-style bungalows built by the British and most of them retain their englishness, are still very habitable and have been conveted into upmarket homestays. New constructions too are aplenty but at the cost of aesthetics. There are numerous tea factories producing the famous Nilgiri tea. The famous Nilgiri thailam (Eucalyptus oil) is distilled in small shacks in a rudimentary manner. Kotagiri also has some gold deposits, which were mined to levels possible during the days of the British Raj. Research is going on to determine if it would be possible to extract more gold from the mines. There is also considerable bauxite in the area.