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Kolli Hills

Kolli Hillshttp://www.kollihills.co.in/ or Kolli Malai (Tamil: கொல்லி மலை) is a small mountain range in Central Tamil Nadu.


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Top Attractions

Akaashaganga (Waterfalls). The main attraction of Kolli Hills. One has to climb down (an back) 1302 steps to reach the falls. The steps are steep and can get very tiring. It takes approximately 30 min to climb-down to the falls and 1 hr to climb-up back.  Arapaleeswarar Temple. This temple, who main deity is Lord Shiva, is opposite the Akash Ganga falls. The temple is quite old with some history attached to it.  Botanical Gardens. This place is an ideal spot for loitering around with kids. These is a view point at the top of this Botanical Garden.  Ettukkai Amman Temple. This temple, who main deity is Amman. This is a very small temple. The goddess is considered to be very powerful among the locals. Try the Kuzhi Panigaram near the temple.  Masila Falls (Waterfalls). This is again a small waterfall. This is not as big as the Akash Ganga falls, but good enough for taking bath.  Mini Falls (Waterfalls). This is a small waterfalls situated close to the Arapaleeswarar temple. Not fit for any purpose other than viewing and photography  Pineappale Research Farm (Government facility). (updated May 2015) Sikku Parai. This is a view point. This is a very small place. One can get a very beautiful view of the valley from this spot. This spot is also called the "suicide point" by the locals.  Sozhakaadu. This place is right at the entry point of Kolli Hills. This place offers a telescopic view of the valley. One might need a special permission to visit this place. 

Kolli Hills