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Kuttralam is a city in Tamil Nadu, India. Courtallam is the anglicized version of Kuttralam.


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Wherever you turn, you will see people with towels moving about. There are numerous waterfalls in Kuttralam which offer beautiful and scenic moments to experience. Main Falls Upper portion of Old Falls 8.931277.23821 Five Falls. After the main falls, this is the most famous waterfalls and definitely the most enjoyable of all. It is located 6km from the main falls. The water here splits into five branches while falling, so it is called "Five falls"  Karayar Dam & Falls, Papanasam (via Ambasamuthram). 1. Another wonderful spot little away from Kuttralam is the Karayar dam. Believe it you have a wonderful waterfall inside the dam which takes about 15 minutes of boat ride from the shore. This is an awesome place to feel the nature and take a shower.  Kutraleeshwarar Temple. Close to the Main falls is the temple dedicated to Lord Kuttraleeshwarar. It is common for the locals to take bath in the falls and offer prayers here.  8.9297677.269392 Main Falls. This waterfall is located close to the bus stand, and greets you as you enter Kuttralam. It is usually crowded during the season, and you can take bath here 24 hours a day. It is a beautiful waterfall of about 130 feet.  Old Courtallam. This is not a historic place, but there is a waterfall here too! This waterfall is maintained by the PWD by controlling the waterflow.  Shenbagadevi. This beautiful falls is located upstream and as part of the cascade that forms the Main falls. You can reach shenbagadevi only by trekking for about 30 minutes. Entry to this falls is restricted during peak season due to flash floods and unruly behaviour of the crowd.  Sittraruvi. Sittraruvi or "Small Falls" is an offshoot of the Main falls located to its side. It is very small and completely safe to enjoy a shower here.  Thenaruvi. Located even above Shenbagadevi is the serene Thenaruvi or "Honey Falls". This is the first cascade in a series of waterfalls, and considered the most pure. Ostinably, it is least crowded, as you have to trek for more the 2 hours to reach this falls. Entry to this falls is also restricted during peak season owing to flash floods.  8.9273677.27833 Tiger Falls. This is located between Old Courtallam and Main falls. This falls is in a private property, which is charges people to take bath.