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Not to be confused with Kolkata, formerly Calcutta, a city in eastern India..Kozhikode (Malayalam: കോഴിക്കോട്), formerly Calicut, is one of the major cities in Kerala, India.


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Getting Around

1 Get around 1.1 By bus 1.1.1 Bus Numbers 1.2 By auto rickshaw 1.3 By taxi 1.4 By car 1.5 By walk Map of Kozhikode By bus Buses charge only ₹8.00 for five kilometres. City buses are green colored here and they are very punctual and cheap. All the city buses originate and terminate in the Mananchira Pond area. Buses going to Pavangad, Elathur, Nadakkavu areas originate from the Head Post Office side of Mananchira. Buses going to Medical College and Mavoor Road stop at the Income Tax side of Mananchira. Buses going to Feroke, Kallayi and Beypore stop at the Girls School side of Mananchira. Buses are very infrequent to the beach area. You have to walk the 2 km distance or take an auto-rickshaw. Private buses originate from the New Bus Stand on Mavoor Road (1 km). Private buses to nearby villages originate from the old Bus Stand at Palayam ( 1 km). Government buses originate from the New KSRTC Bus Station on Mavoor road. This modern bus station has 350,000 sq.ft.space for traveler amenities. Parking is provided for 270 cars. They have slow moving low floor air conditioned buses to nearby towns. You can make use of these buses for travelling inside the city. Bus Numbers Bus numbers for green city buses: Bhat Road Beach. 110B Chaliyam Seawalk. 215 Cheruvantta River.121 Kadalundy Jetty. 210K Kalipoika Boating. 113 Kappad Beach. 9 Karad River. 223 Karuvan Thuruthy River. 213 Kozhikode City. K.0 Malikadavu River. 12 Mambupazha Bridge. 231P Manakkadavu River. 246 Mananchira Squire. K1 Mukkathu Jetty. 211K Odumbra Jetty. 242 Payyanakkal Beach. 239 Puthiyappa Beach. 105 Thamarassery Hill. 8 By auto rickshaw Autorikshaw drivers of Kozhikode have a reputation for honesty as they do not overcharge. The usual charge is ₹20.00 for every km. This meticulous honesty cannot be expected from Autorikshaw drivers outside the Malabar region. By taxi Air conditioned taxis are available at ₹1,000 for a day. Look for them at the Railway Station or Mananchira area. Contact Taxi Stand. +91 495 2306023 Since the weather is hot throughout the year and the humidity quite high, an air conditioned vehicle is one thing you cannot economize here. By car There are many rental companies offering cars with drivers or self-drive. Traffic blocks exceeding one hour are common. Keep away from Kallayi Road and Wayanad Road as traffic is heavy and dead-slow. By walk Walking is near impossible as traffic is erratic and heavy. Footpaths are rare or occupied by peddlers. The noise created by endless motorcyclists is unbearably prominent even in interior roads. The long beach road from Beypore to Elathur (16 km) is the only peaceful area to walk.


Top Attractions

Krishna Menon Museum Christian church at Mananchira pond, Kozhikode, India. 11.2927775.778411 Art Gallery (1 km). Near Town Hall (updated Apr 2015) Elathur, Beautiful riverside village with an estuary (12 km). Vallikkattu Kavu is a 27 acre sacred grove in a swamp at Edakkara near Elathur. You can see monkeys, peacocks, wild boars, porcupines, wild hens, different kinds of butterflies and numerous species of orchids here. There is a species of herb here which has leaves in the shape of butterflies. (updated Apr 2015) 11.3801475.721962 Kappad Beach (17 km). Vasco Da Gamma landed here in 1498 from Europe. There is a park and a memorial pillar. Visitors are rare as the new generation Indians are not bothered about colonial history and all that. An ancient temple on a hillock facing the sea is another attraction here. (updated Apr 2015) 11.2725275.816933 Kirtads Museum, Chevarambalam. Tribal Research Station maintained by the government. (updated Apr 2015) 11.2626275.767314 Kozhikode Beach (2 km). Aquarium, Esplanade, Radio Stations, Fishing villages, Ancient Mishkal Masjidh, Seafood restaurants and Lions Children's park. (updated Jun 2015) 11.2926575.778165 Krishna Menon Museum & Art Gallery, East Hill (4 km). closed on Mondays. Ideal place for students of Indian History. (updated Dec 2015) 11.244975.775856 Mananchira Pond and Gardens (near the Railway Station). A sprawling park with many beautiful statues. Entrance is free but the gate is open only after 2 p.m. There are many historic buildings like the Commonwealth Company near the park. There is a circular mosque called 'Pattala Pally' on the southern side of the park. You can also have a walk into the crowded 'Mittayi Theruvu' shopping zone on the southern side of the park. The town hall, the art gallery and the crown theatre are on the western side of the pond. The Basel Evangelical Mission and Girls School are on the eastern side of the park. The park has 250 colonial style lamps posts, an artificial stream, a musical fountain, a music stage and an open air theater. The public library near the park has a huge collection of Malayalam and English books. (updated Apr 2015) Pazhassiraja Museum. closed on Mondays. Copies of megalithic monuments. (updated Dec 2015) 11.2633675.786027 Planetorium (Regional Science Centre) (1 km). on Jaffer Khan colony road near new bus station. Regular shows are available only in the forenoons when busloads of schoolchildren arrive from adjoining towns. (updated Jun 2015) 11.2686975.792748 Sarovaram Biopark- only for couples, Near Baby Hospital (2 km). 7 mangrove species, 29 mangrove associates and fauna ranging from protozoa to Otter. It is also a congenial habitat for 20 types of water birds. The area is 200 acres containing canal walkways, boating facilities, an Otter Park and a Butterfly Park. The outers section is beautifully tiled and lighted. It is a popular hangout of college couples. The inner section is undeveloped mangrove forest with walking tracks. The entrance ticket is ₹10 for the outer tiled section and additional ₹10 for the inner forest section. (updated May 2015) Temples Mishkal Masjidh, Kuttichira Subramanya Temple, Thali Gotheshwaram Beach Temple, Marad Beach (4 km). You can also visit nearby beach villages like Chakkum Kadavu, Kayyadi Thodu, Payyanakkal, Kayyadithode, Naduvattom, West Mahi, Thampi Road, andJhansi Village (updated May 2015) Jain Derasar. There are 2 temples inside the temple complex of which one is over 2500 years old and has 1000 pillars.  Kizhakke Murikkunnu Bhagavathy Temple, V.K.Krishna Menon Road, Kallayi (5 km). The temple is situated on a beautiful hillock near an upmarket residential area, a pristine pond, green lawns and the scenic hilltop school. (updated May 2015) 11.2455575.776179 Mishkal Masjidh, Kuttichira (2 km). 600 year old structure. Beautiful pond surrounded by several old buildings. The mosque is very photogenic only when you look from the other side of the pond. This four level mosque is built mostly of wood. The mosque has no cupolas or minarets and looks like a Hindu temple. Maybe, Kerala’s temple architecture influenced the architecture of old mosques in Kerala which have gopuram-style entrance arches and no minarets. Non-Muslims will need a special permission to enter the mosque. (updated May 2015) Narakath Bhagavathy Temple, Near Kerala Kaumudhi newspaper, Thondayad (3 km). silent place in the middle of the city. (updated Jun 2015) Shiva Temple, Thiruvannur (3 km). This ancient and beautiful Siva temple has an apsidal garbhagriha, decorated with typical Chola pillars and pilasters, panjaras and vyalimukhas. The central shrine has escaped any repair or change and is relatively well preserved. (updated Jun 2015) Sri Kandeshwaram Temple, Opp. New Bus Station (1 km). (updated Jun 2015) 11.2485675.7871110 Thali Temple, Palayam (1 km). Beautiful 14th-century temple and a second temple near a very big pond and vegetable market. The temple walls are elephant shaped. (updated Apr 2015) Thrikaipetta Subramanya Temple, Ponnenkottu Kunnu (opposite Cyberpark, Palazhy). 1,400-year-old temple. Now under active renovation work. (updated Dec 2015)


Things to do

Classical building in Annie Hall Road near Railway Station, Kozhikode Nochikkad Bridge, Mavoor City Walk One (4 km). Start from Fathima Hospital, take the narrow line opposite the hospital. Walk past Kerala NGO Union, Lakshmi Printers and Oyisca Youth Centre. Cross the culvert in the swamp, turn right, walk beyond the forest temple, Hajj House, Sunni House, again turn right to Chilli Malabar Restaurant and once again turn right to reach at the New Bus Station. (updated May 2015) City Walk Two (6 km route with thin traffic). Start from the new busstand. Take the road opposite to it, walk past Markaz Mosque and Samastha centre. Turn right towards More Supermarket, Planetarium and Science Centre. You enter Cherootty Nagar where you can get a nice cup of coffee at the roadside stall. Walk straight to Bhagavathy Temnple, Muthappan Forest, Balan K Nair Road and the Zoological Survey of India. The Brahmakumaris Meditation Centre and the Needle Acupuncture Clinic leads you to Spiinelly School and Redeemer Convent. You have reached Aqsa Juma Masjidh at St. Vincent Colony, and walk back to the new bus stand. (updated May 2015) Climbing a hill @ Govindapuram, Mankav (7 km). Take a bus to Govindapuram from Mananchira pond. Walk up the hill to Central School. Very good view of the entire city and Arabian sea . The views are terrific but nobody comes here other than the school people. Elderly people can also reach here by hiring an auto rikshaw from Mankav junction. (updated May 2015) Green Walk @ Iringadan Pally (4 km walk). Take a bus to Kovoor on Medical College route. Ask for the Iringadan Pally road. Walk in the company of spectacularly spacious expanse of paddy fields hidden between four main roads of the city. You can walk up to Poolakkadavu junction on the Mysore road. The locals have tastefully decided to convert this little road through the paddy fields to a busy street with deafening traffic. They will start the work by 2017. You can also get the best beef curry in the city only in this place, just for ₹40. It is available at a little restaurant even without a sign board. It is adjacent to Koyas Cycle Mart and Prabhakara Pharmacy at Poolakkadavu Junction near JDT, Vellimadukunnu. (1 pm to 9 pm). After dinner, you can continue walking on the Poolakkadavu river road, cross the river on the cute foot bridge and reach the village of Parambil Bazar from where you will get direct buses back to the city. (updated May 2015) North Beach walk (5 km). Start from the Nalam Gate, and as soon as you cross the railway gate the road forks into three. Choose the third one, walk past Caffe Coffee Day and Gateway Hotel. The Mayor Residence and Moidhu Museum are on your way. Enter Vellayil Road and walk to the beach. There is a very short sea bridge and the Vellayil Fishing Harbour there. When you reach the beach, turn right, you will go by Vellayil Police Station, Shanthi Nagar, Radio Mango, Puthiyappa, Vengaly, Elathur and Pavangad. Pavangad offers air conditioned buses back to the city. (updated May 2015) Park Walk, Mananchira Park (1 km). Well maintained and manicured garden around a clean pond. Very big lawn to relax. Open only after 2 p.m. Extremely crowded place. (updated May 2015) Public Library and Cafe (opp. Mananchira Park). Public Library, Audio library, Language laboratoary, Career Guidance center, Children's Library, International Cultural Center and Free Coffee. (updated Sep 2015) See an English film, Crown Theatre (1 km), ☎ +91 4952721896. Near Railway Station. Two AC screens and a small snack bar inside. Hangout of the Indian elite. (updated May 2015) Kalari Martial Art South Beach walk (8 km). Start from All India Radio on Kozhikode beach. Head south to Mohammedhali Beach. You can walk through a beautiful promenade and reach Francis Road junction within ten minutes. Continue walking on the beach road until you pass Kannanm Parambil cemetery, Kannam Parambil mosque, Nainan Valappil beach and finally the New Kothy bridge. When you cross the bridge, you reach Chakkukm Kadavu village. Proceed to Payyanakkal beach. Finally, ask for Panniyankara police station to get back to the main road. Come back by one of the green buses, they all take you to Mananchira pond junction. (updated May 2015) Walk @ Valiyangadi (3 km). Enjoy a walk in the ancient seaside market of Valiyangadi where Arabs and Europeans brushed shoulders a few centuries back. Even today, the businessmen in this ancient market include Hindus, Muslims, Jains, Gujarathis, Marwaris and Tamils. This market is not targeted by local tourists, as they are ignorant of its importance. Start from the back side of the railway station and enter Valiyangadi directly. Valiyangadi ends on the seashore, turn left to Gujarathi street and you can even see the 600 year old Mishkal Masjidh near Kuttichira pond, another 1 km from there. (updated May 2015) Watch 'Kalari' Martial Arts, C.V.N.Kalari Sangham (3 km). Special demonstrations can be organized. Sunday Holiday. (updated May 2015) Yoga and Meditation, Inner Harmony Osho Meditation Centre, ☎ +91 9447871791. Mystic School, Moorth village, Malikadavu, Kozhikode. Run by Swamy Arulji. (updated Dec 2015)