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Kollam is a city in Kerala in India.


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Fishing in Back water of Kollam Backwaters in Paravur Country boat in Kollam Back water Busy streets of Kollam in an evening Alumkadavu (26 km from Kollam). Scenic place, with blue green stretches back water, coconut palms, back water cruise, house boats, Ayurvedic treatment centers.  Amritapuri Asramam. A Hindu pilgrim center for worshipers of Mata Amritanandamayi Devi.  Aryankavu (73 km east of Kollam). Pilgrim center, old trade route for merchants from either sides of western Ghats, famous for shrine of Lord Sastha, fine sculptures and mural paintings.  Chavara (14 km north of Kollam on NH47). Famous for the mineral sand and place of Catholic saint Sister Alphonsa.  Kalayapuram (34 km from Kollam, on the way to Kottayam from Kottarakara). It is believed that old Kalayan royal family were ruled from this place, hence the name Kalayapuram.  Karunagappally (27 km north of Kollam in NH47). Famous mosque and dome of martyrs, a unique pilgrimage center. Old military station of Kayamkulam Rajas.  Kottarakkara (27 km northeast of Kollam). Erstwhile capital of Elayadathu Swarupam, a ruling family. Famous for Kath Kali (a dance drama).  Kundara (13 km east of Kollam, on the way to Kottarakkara). A prominent place in the area famous for industries.  Mannadi (24 km east of Kollam). Famous as the place where Veluthampi Dalawa laid down his life.  Mayyanad (10 km south of Kollam). Famous for its shrines and temples.  Neendakara (Long Shore) (8 km north of Kollam). Famous for its fisheries industries.  Oachira (32 km north of Kollam in NH47), ☎ +91 476. Famous temple & mosque, a unique pilgrim center and handicraft center. Oachira padanilam was the battle field of Kayamkulam Rajas.  Paravur (13 km south of Kollam). Famous for coir production center and fishing. Beautiful tourist destination, eye-catching because estuaries, backwaters and beaches.  Sasthamcotta (19 km from Kollam). Biggest freshwater lake in Kerala.  Thangassery (5 km away from Kollam). Place of historical importance, with old 18th century churches, light house and remnants of Portuguese and Dutch forts.  Thangassery Church Ruins (200m north of the Thangassery Fort intersection, on the right-hand side of the road, behind a house). The ruins of a church belltower and some adjacent graves and headstones are still standing here behind some local houses. You can probably spot them from the road if you're careful, but ask around and you will likely be shown inside. The locals are Christians and speak English.  Thangassery Fort (North end of the harbour). Some limited standing ruins of an old colonial fort. You can see two different sides of the building, the first from the harbour side (where it is visible at some distance), and the second from the opposite side. The site is slightly overgrown so beware of snakes if you venture close. An auto-rickshaw from the Main Road bus stop cost ₹50. Free.  8.8783376.56671 Thangassery Lighthouse. 3-5PM. A modern lighthouse in a historic Christian quarter of town that is possible to climb in the afternoons. Best to combine with the Thangassery Fort, as the two sites are in easy and shaded walking distance. Small fee.    Thenmala, 66 km east of Kollam (on the way to Shencottah, it is also reachable from Trivandrum). Dam site with dense forest is famous for eco tourism.  8.86052576.8456632 Jatayu Earth Center, Jatayu Nature Park Road, Jatayu Junction, Chadayamangalam, ☎ +91 4702477077, +91 9072588713, +91 9072088122, e-mail: enquiry@jatayuearthscenter.com. 10am-8pm. This rock-theme nature park has a sculpture of Jatayu, a bird that is a character in the epic Ramayana on top of a mountain. It is the world’s largest bird sculpture (200 feet (61 m) long, 150 feet (46 m) broad, 70 feet (21 m) in height. You can take a cable car ride to the sculpture. The view from the gondola is nice, and the sculpture is worth a look. Many other facilities are planned, but not yet open to the public. There will be a museum inside the sculpture and a temple to Rama. As of Jan 2019, the helicopter ride advertised on the website was not actually available. A food court where you can purchase snacks is also available - try the vazhaniyala appam, the vegetable cutlets and the banana fries - all of these are very tasty. There is a "12D" show at the cable car station that costs extra. Rs.400 + tax for cable car and sculpture visit. Tickets MUST be purchased online.. (updated Jan 2019)