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Chikmagalur (Kannada: ಚಿಕ್ಕಮಗಳೂರು) is a city in Karnataka, known for its coffee plantations and Bababudan Giri ranges.


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Planning a Trip

1 Get in 1.1 By air 1.2 By train 1.3 By bus 1.4 By car 1.5 By taxi/car rental By air Mangalore airport, 170km Bangalore airport, 250km. By train Passenger trains are available from Shimoga and Kadur at a distance of 40km. Arrivals and Departures from Chikkamagaluru Railway Station Train Number 56271: Shivamogga-Chikkamagaluru Passenger-Departs Shivamogga at 18:15 and arrives Chikkamagaluru at 21:30 [via; Kadur Jn] Train Number 56272: Chikkamagaluru-Shivamogga Passenger-Departs Chikkamagaluru at 06:30 and arrives Shivamogga at 09:30 [via; Kadur Jn] Train Number 56277: Chikkamagaluru-Yeshvantpur Jn Fast Passenger-Departs Chikkamagaluru at 07:30 and arrives Yeshvantpur Jn at 14:15 [via; Kadur Jn] Train Number 56278: Yeshvantpur Jn-Chikkamagaluru Fast Passenger-Departs Yeshvantpur Jn at 15:15 and arrives Chikkamagaluru at 22:20 [via; Kadur Jn] By bus Chikmagalur is located on the Highway from Hassan towards Shringeri and has regular Luxury as well as ordinary buses from Bangalore. Regular ordinary buses connect Chikmagalur to Mysore, Hassan with a single services to Calicut. Buses from interior Karnataka towards Mangalore too pass via Chikmagalur and hence, ordinary buses connect Chikmaglur regularly to Dharmastala, Mangalore, Shimoga, Davangere and Sringeri. By car You can drive to Chikmagalur comfortably by road from Hassan60 km, which is again 185 km from Bangalore. By taxi/car rental You can hire a taxi or rent a car from Bangalore to visit Chikmagalur. Out station car rental companies charge for a minimum of 250 km/day @ a fare/km rate + driver charges (BA/TA: Boarding Allowance Travel Allowance). The fares depend upon the type of car you are looking for. It is advisable to rent cars from reliable and established car rental operators.


Top Attractions

1 See 1.1 Temples 1.2 Hill Stations 1.3 Other Attractions 13°19′2″N 75°47′43″EMap of Chikmagalur Temples 13.74175.8541 Amrutapura Temple, Amrutapura. This temple is located the village of Amrutapura 67 km north of Chikmagalur.   (updated Apr 2015) Balehonnur. (updated Apr 2015) 13.282675.99732 Veera Narayana Temple (Belavadi), Belavadi. The village Belavadi is home to this well known temple. It is located approximately 30 km from Chikmagature   (updated Apr 2015) Shree Kshetra Horanadu Annapooraneshwari Temple (Buses not frequent from Chikmaglur. Regular buses available from Bangalore & Hassan via Mudigere). About 80 km from chikmaglur; Famous for the Annapooraneshwari Temple, or the Goddess of Food. Hence, Lunch and Dinner is a must have here, as it is considered a direct Prasadam by the Goddess. Located on bhadra RiverThe Roads wind around the ghats. Self driving not recommended, unless one is very familiar negotiating the ghat terrains regularly. Taxies available as a package connecting Sringeri and horanadu and returning back to Chikmaglur on same day , at pre-fixed prices (updated Apr 2015) Kalasa Shiva Temple. Located 5 km from Horanadu. Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva a.k.a Lord Vishwanatha. Believed to be the Kashi of the South, owing to the presence of Annapooraneshwari Temple at 5 km distance, similar to Kashi Kshetra. Main attraction is the idols of a Male & Female Elephant pulling the trunk of the tree, the process of devouring a demon (updated Apr 2015) Sringeri Sharadha Peetham (Regular buses available). 100 km from Chikmaglur, is the Sharada peetham of Sringeri, established by Shri Adi Shankarar. It is said, that while Adi shankarar searched for a place for establishing a Devi Peetham, he reached the banks of Tunga River. It was raining heavily. At that moment, he noticed that a Frog was into labour, unable to move in the rain. A cobra, at this point, spread its hood and protected the frog from the rain . Adi shankarar concluded , that no other place could be better for establishing the Peetham and immediately chose itsharada Devi, incarnation of Adi Parasakthi , in knowledge form, is the main deity. There is also an old Hoysala type Temple on the banks of Tunga River housing 3 other Sannidhis. The Ashrama of the Head, is on the other bank of the river, and a bridge connects across. The Ashrama has a very peaceful atmosphere (updated Apr 2015) Hill Stations B.B.Hills (Bababudangiri). Minibus starts from the Private busstand everyday by 12.30 pm. Once you reach B.B.Hills, you have just one hour to explore the hills because the same bus returns by 5 p.m. There is only one tea shop at B.B.Hills, so you have to beg for a plate of hot porottas. But you can skip the eating as the scenes are terrific. (updated Apr 2015) Devi Rammana Betta. (updated Apr 2015) Giridarshini, Mangalore Road (6 km). (updated Apr 2015) Kaimara. The road from Kaimara to Kemmannagundi is heavenly. (updated Apr 2015) Kemmanagundi (57 km). Rose garden also. (updated Apr 2015) Mullayangiri. highest point in South Karnataka- accessible only through private vehicles. Road leads almost to 80% of the peak and balance to be climed by a fleet of stairs. Self driving not recommended, owing to steep assent and blind curves enroute (updated Apr 2015) Rathnagiri. Good view of the city (updated Apr 2015) Other Attractions Mud road in the heart of Chikmagalur Agumbe (3 hour drive). (updated Apr 2015) Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary (38 km). 1,875 m above sea level (updated Apr 2015) Cafe Coffee Day Headquarters. (updated Apr 2015) Coffee Museum (5 km.). (updated Apr 2015) 13.54138888888975.7253 Hebbe Falls, Near Kemmanagundi.   (updated Apr 2015) Hirekolale Pond. (updated Apr 2015) 13.12951111111175.2685527777784 Kudremukh National Park. (updated Apr 2015) Malayamarutha (50 km). (updated Apr 2015)