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Guwahati, also Gauhati, is the largest city in the state of Assam, Northeast India. Dispur, the state's capital, is in the circuit city region. Today, Guwahati is one of the fastest growing cities of India and is the second-largest metropolis in eastern India after Kolkata.


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26.1853191.751811 Assam State Museum (southern end of Dighalipukhuri tank.). The museum is closed on Mondays.  26.1633891.781952 Assam State Zoo And Botanical Gardens, Zoo Road, Japorigog (on RGB Road also known as Zoo Road.), ☎ +91 8721857919, +91 7002716702, e-mail: Saturday-Thursday, 8:00 - 16:30. Adults ₹30 for Indians, ₹100 for foreigners; children 5-12: ₹10 for Indians, ₹30 for foreigners; all children under 5 free; ₹50 for car parking. There are also fees for photography; see tariffs page for more details.  A Schematic Map of the city of Guwahati showing important roads and places of interest 26.166991.70973 Bhubaneswari Temple (Bhubaneswari Mandir).  26.1881291.750844 Digholi Pukhuri. Dighalipukhuri derived its name from the word 'dighal' which means long. The lake is believed to be dug by Bhagadutta, the king of Pragjyotishpura. It is also mentioned in the Mahabharata,the great Indian epic. Dighalipukhuri is a prominent tourist attraction in the heart of Guwahati with boating facilities and recreational activities. It is an old rectangular lake of half a mile long originally engraved out from the Brahmaputra. Later, it was separated from the river when a portion was filled up. There are some nearby restaurants where one can have lunch or dinner.  26.1915291.751985 Guwahati Planetarium, Uzan Bazar. A great place to visit for science geeks and also for lover of entertainments.  26.192991.695066 Indian Institute of Technology. It is around 20 km from the heart of the city and around 35 min drive from the airport.  26.1877991.741417 Janardana Temple, Shukaleswar Hill.  Kamakhya Temple. 26.1664291.7058 Kamakhya Temple (Kamrup-Kamakhya), Nilachal Hill. Atop the Neelachal hill, the highest spot in the city draws pilgrims from all over India especially during the Ambubachi festival. A high seat of the shakti sect, one of the 54 Shakti Peethas of the Tantric cult, it is associated with the legend of the mother goddess who slayed the legendary demon king Narakasur who ruled ancient Assam. The Goddess Kamakhya is made of eight metal alloys, and seated on a throne with five jewels. To reach her statue pilgrims have to go down a dimly lit flight of steps. Further within the cave shrine is the well and yoni mandala clearly indicating worship began with the spring and cave long before the temple was built. Goddess is also worshiped in the aspects of Durga, Kali, Tara, Kamala, Uma, Chamunda, and Shakti. The temple dates to the 17th century and follows the Assamese style in its design.  26.1628291.69489 Navagraha Temple (Navagraha Mandir), Chitrasal Hill. An 18th-century temple dedicated to nine celestial bodies is atop the second highest hill in Guwahati.  26.1705691.679710 Pandu Port. A river port on the south bank of Brahmaputra in West Guwahati was the entrepot to Guwaahati before construction of the Saraighat bridge in the early 1960s.  26.1203291.8155311 Regional Science Centre and Museum, Khanapara.  26.1300691.822512 Shankardev Kalashetra (Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra), Panjabari Rd.  26.1889791.7536513 Ugro Tara Temple, Lotaxil. A temple dedicated to the deity Tara. The goddess in the sanctum sanctorum is not an idol but a pit of water.  26.1967791.7448314 Uma Nanda Temple. A 17th-century temple on a river island of the same name is dedicated to Shiva. It was built by Ahom king Gadapani on this picturesque Brahmaputra isle, also called Peacock island. You can hop into a shared ferry/motorboat for ₹10 and return on the same or another boat free of charge, or reserve the entire boat for yourself. All shuttle boats leave from the KachariGhat between the Deputy Commisioner's office and the lower courts. The island is also a sanctuary for an endangered population of golden langurs which you can see from very close quarters. They have thrived on this uninhabited island chosen for their translocation from their last refuge in the Manas National Park. The island also has a Ganesh temple and is small enough to be explored on foot.  26.1887591.7470315 Nehru Park, Cotton College Road, Pan Bazar Road, Pan Bazaar, ☎ +91 96133 86546. F–W: 10AM–8PM. This is an outdoor park opposite Guwahati Cotton College in the area of Pan Bazaar. This beautiful park is great to visit with your spouse or partner. Sitting arrangements are nice and organised. There is a child park inside the main area where children can have a lot of fun and activity. Adult ₹10, child ₹5. (updated Nov 2017)