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Kota is in the Hadoti region of Rajasthan. It is located on the south-eastern side of the state. The Chambal river flows through the town, because of which the place is unlike the arid climate prevalent in the state.


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Top Attractions

25.0048675.878091 Aalnia Dam. (25 km) An archeological area with ancient Indian stone carvings.  25.1627975.823622 Chambal Garden. This garden stretches along the banks of the river Chambal. It houses a pond with rare gharial and crocodiles, which can be crossed via a teetering suspension bridge. It also has enclosures for birds, rabbits and such. Right next to it is the unique Yatayat(traffic) park. It is a theme park; with miniature flyovers, speedbreakers, tunnels, buildings and such all used to showcase traffic rules.  Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary. (50 km) - One of 3 wildlife sanctuaries in Rajasthan with large tracts of forests and a variety of wildlife  25.1753675.829793 Garh Palace, Kota. Palace and fort complex often visited by tourists.  Godawari Dham. It is a Hanuman temple at few km from Chambal garden.  Jag Mandir 25.1830175.849364 Jag Mandir (Lake Garden Palace). Right in the center of the artificial Kishore Sagar tank (Lake Pichola) stands the beautiful red sandstone monument, Jagmandir.  24.8656176.123695 Karneshawar Temple. A temple dedicated to God Shiva.  Khade Ganesh Ji Temple. Ganesh Temple (southern part of the city) owes its fame to its standing Ganesh, which is nowhere else to be found in India. Rangbadi Balaji temple is nearby.  25.1757575.827346 Kota Barrage. A dam as part of the irrigation canal system on the river Chambal, this is a popular spot especially when the flood gates are let open to allow extra water to flow off.  Maharao Madho SIngh Museum. Named after Kota's first ruler, the museum has a spell-binding collection of miniature paintings, armory and sculptures. It remains closed on Fridays.  25.2108475.827437 Sawan Phuhar Waterpark. It is the only waterpark in the Hadoti Region and houses the biggest pool in the city.