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Bundi is in eastern Rajasthan.


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1 See 1.1 Step wells 1.2 Forts and palaces 1.3 Memorial pavilions (Chhatri) 1.4 Lakes The Raniji ki Baori stepwell Step wells Step wells, or baori in Hindi, were the only method of obtaining and storing water in this part of India. While there are over 50 step wells that rise and fall depending on the water table. Most of the wells have fallen into disrepair and some are probably not worth visiting,but are free to enter (closest two by the azar park market). the Rani Ki Ji Baori (Queen's Step Well) is in good condition and a must-see. Rani Ki Ji Baori (Queen's Step Well). The most famous step well in Bundi, it was built in 1699 by the spurned queen. It is 46 metres deep and includes 200 steps. (200 rupee foreigners) Dabhai Kund. The largest in Bundi. Though slightly overgrown, it is well worth a visit for the spectacular carvings on the numerous steps leading down to the water level.  Nagar Saga Kund (Janana Sagar and Ganga Sagar). Constructed between 1871 and 1875, these are 2 step wells that have been extensively refurbished.  Forts and palaces 25.45061775.6371961 Taragarh Fort. Built in the 16th century, this is one of the most famous forts in Rajasthan due to its intricate structures and a highly-regarded painting gallery.  25.448875.63572 Garh (Bundi) Palace and Chitrashala - Ummed Mahal. These adjacent structures are must-sees and include some of the most amazing paintings in India. It is a steep climb to get up to the palace, which needed protection from attacking elephants.  Sukh Mahal, On the southern tip of Lake Jait Sagal. A smaller palace built on a dam wall; Rudyard Kipling stayed here.  Memorial pavilions (Chhatri) Chaurasi Khambon ki Chhatri (84-Pillared Cenotaph) (Walk down Kota Rd 800m south of the tourist office. Turn west and walk another 80m). Constructed in the late 17th century by the maharaja as a memorial.  Lakes Lake Jait Sagar. Once famous for louts flowers, this lake is adjacent to s small garden and Shikar Burj, an area used by kings for hunting.  25.44707175.6326153 Lake Nawal Sagar. A large square-shaped artificial lake containing many small islands. A temple dedicated to Varuna, the vedic god of water, is half-submerged in the middle of the lake. The lake feeds the numerous step wells in the old city by creating an artificial water table.  Lake Kanak Sagar, In the town of Dugari (A 67km drive northwest of Bundi). An extremely beautiful lake and town.