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Chandipur is a beach resort in Balasore district of Odisha (formerly Orissa).


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Planning a Trip

Contents 1 Get in 1.1 By plane 1.2 By train 1.3 By road 1.4 By bus Get in[edit] By plane[edit] The nearest airports are Kolkata and Bhubaneswar. By train[edit] The nearest railhead is Balasore (17 km), car rental: ₹200-₹300. Balasore is 207 km from Bhubaneswar and 236 km from Howrah. Some of the trains which stop at Balasore are: 2073/2074 Howrah Bhubaneswar Janashatabdi (no train on Sunday), 2837/2838 Howrah Puri Express, 8409/8410 Howrah Puri Sri Jagannath Express, 2821/2822 Howrah Bhubaneswar Dhauli Express, 6003/6004 Howrah Chennai Mail, 2703/2704 Faluknama Express, 8645/8646 East Coast Express, 6358/6357 Gurudev Express, 2863/2864 Howrah Yeshvantpur Express, 5228/5227 Muzaffarpur Yeshvantpur Express (weekly), 6355/6356 Kanyakumari Express (weekly), Howrah Tiruchirapalli Express (biweekly), 2508/2507 Guwahati Ernakulam Express (weekly), 2530/2509 Guwahati Bangalore Express (triweekly), 5628/5627 Guwahati Trivandrum Express (weekly), 5630/5629 Guwahati Chennai Egmore Express (weekly). For timings etc. check with Indian Railways. You can also go to and[dead link]; however for ticket booking the only railway site that will allow an individual to book tickets is[dead link]. By road[edit] If you want to drive down to Chandipur from Kolkata (Calcutta) - the directions are as follows: Take the Second Hooghly Bridge Follow Kona Expressway (4-Lane road) At the Bombay Road crossing - take a left. Follow Bombay Road (4-Lane road) You may break at the A1 Plaza inside the Reliance petrol station. It would be to your left - a 30-40 minute ride from the Kona Expressway - Bombay Road junction (Avoid the Azad Hind Dhaba - it is no longer up to the mark) Keep straight until you cross the Rupnarayan river (the bridge is one way and the river is wide) After you cross the river you will see the Kolaghat Thermal Power Station to your left Immediately after the Power Station is a junction (Haldia junction)– go straight. (left goes to Haldia) Kharagpur Junction. Go straight towards NH 60 (4-lane concrete road - careful of the turn you take) NH 60 after Kharagpur is peaceful compared to NH 5. Very few buses and trucks and road is bordered by paddy fields stretching to the horizon. This is an amazing road - but careful they are constructing speedbreakers on the road now. A toll is charged at Jaleswar border (₹40 for cars), but no entry tax (as of 2011) Before reaching Jaleswar town, you'll find that the new 4-lane NH-60 stretch is under construction. Basleshwar (Balasore) town. Traffic congestion. Take a left turn under overhead bridge. Go straight. You'll reach the bus stand. Cross the flyover after it and take a right turn immediately after crossing the flyover. Take a right turn in the next junction Go straight till you reach a Police point. There is a Cinema hall just behind it. Take right turn and go straight till the road meets another road. Take left turn and go straight. Around 10 km off, you'll see some signboards of various hotels in Chandipur-on-sea. Take left turn and go straight. This is easy to miss - try not to go into the Integrated Test Launch Zone. You're there! From the flyover mentioned above, we do not agree with the route : the flyover lands into a roundabout. Take a left from there and you will be guided to Chandipur. We travelled on 19th Sep 2009 and found the road nearing Balasore is still under construction. Also, roads within Balasore are narrow and has a lot of rush. For more visit road distance related info visit : By bus[edit] Banadurga Travels runs AC buses from Balasore to Kolkata (6AM) and back (6PM), starting at Dharamtala in Kolkata. A ticket costs ₹230.