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Rajgir (or Rajagriha) is a city in Bihar in India. It is 15 km from the ruins of Nalanda University, and 100 km from Patna, the capital of the state.


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24.9948985.4292561 Bimbisara's jail. This archeological site is believed to be the jail in which King Ajatshatru imprisoned his father Bimbisara. From his prison cell, Bimbisara could see Buddha meditating on the Vulture Peak (Gridhakuta).  Chariot Tracks. The Chariot Route and shell inscriptions consist of two parallel furrows cut deep into the rock ground for about thirty feet and are believed to have been made by Lord Krishna's Chariot. Several undeciphered shell inscriptions are engraved in the rock around the chariot marks.  Cyclopean walls. Believed to be 2500 years old, these Cyclopean walls are a 40 km long and 4 metres wide fortification running around the city.  25.00166785.4463892 Gridhakuta (Vulture's Peak). The place is atop a small hill and believed to be a meditating place of Buddha. You can continue on to the top of Ratnagiri hill, there is a Viswa Shanti Stupa (Peace Stupa) build by the Buddhist school Myohosan of Japan. One can reach the stupa by using the ropeway or the flight of 600+ stone steps leading to the top of the hill.    Shanti Stupa Japanese Stupa (Shanti Stupa/Peace Pagoda) (Atop Gridhakuta).  Makhdum Kund. This is the shrine of a Muslim Sufi Saint Makhdum Shah and has warm springs similar to Tapodharma.  Maniar Matth. Dating 1 century CE, the Maniar Matth is said to be a monastery of a cult which worshipped snakes. Several snake and cobra figurins have been found in the vicinity in excavations.  Rajgir Heritage Museum. It has 49 rare items of archaeological and sculpture finds. It also has a collection of antiques along with several Buddhist and Hindu stone sculptures, bronze images of the Gupta and Pala period and terracottas.  25.0070985.410743 Saptaparni Caves (also known as Jarasandh's sitting room). These caves hosted the First Buddhist Council and were used by early Buddhist monks as resting places as well as centers of debates.  Sonabhandar. This ancient structure is said to be the treasury of Magadha.  Tapodharma/Lakshmi Narayan Mandir. Tapodharma was the site of an ancient Buddhist monastery over which a Hindu temple is built today. The place has hot water springs which are rich in sulfur and said to have a curative effects.  25.0151485.419114 Venuvana (Bamboo grove or Venu Van). Is said to be a bamboo grove gifted to Lord Buddha by Bhimbisara, the then king of Magadha.