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Rewa is a city in India.


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Rewa is a place where, you can see natural beauty in and around the city. It is mainly famous for waterfalls, the main waterfalls are Quonti, Chachai and Bahuti waterfall. River Bichiya and Beehar confluences in core part of the city and there is also a low height water fall which looks great when you enter the city. Khando is a place, which is mainly famous for its beautiful topography, and a big Tank known as " Govindgarh Talab", prepared by Baghela Kings, it is 15 km south from Rewa. Rewa also famous for its historical places, you can see Rewa fort along with its museum of antique items. In the center part of the city you can visit summer palace of Baghela's, it is having very beautiful architecture. An underground tunnel is also there which was used as a secret path for kings, now it is open for the public. We can see Chirahula Temple in Rewa. It is temple of the Lord Hanuman. It is a very famous and big temple. Khajuha is also a historical place. Khajuha has a statue of the lord shiv. Visitors to the Shiv statue is increasing day by day. Away from this historical place is a very nice village called Shivapurwa. It`s a natural village. It`s below Kaimore Mount. If we look from the mount. It`s look as a like paradise. Here is two tremendous historical places. One is the Lord Bhairavnath and second one is Baba Kuti. The statue of the Lord Bhairavnath is 21 fit long. It`s not artificial. Baba Kuti is a most beautiful place. There are many types of flowers in Baba Kuti but basically famous for one flower. It`s name is Kebara. It`s smell spreads all over the surrounding area. There are a lot of stone mines in the Kaimore Mount.