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łChitrakoot (IAST: Chitrakoot, Sanskrit: चित्रकूट) is a culturally and archeologically significant town split between Satna district in the state of Madhya Pradesh and Chitrakoot district in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Though relatively unknown to tourists, the area is a pilgrimage destination known for a number of important temples and sites mentioned in Hindu scripture. It is well worth visiting if you have the time. Many people gather here on special Hindu occasions throughout the year, each Amavasya, Somwati Amavasyas, Deepawali, Sharad-Poornima, Makar Sankranti and Ramanavami, and for general celebrations. These follow the Hindu calendar, so dates in the Western calendar change yearly. Noted Ayurvedic and yoga centres like 'Arogyadham' are located in Chitrakoot and there are also Free Eye Hospital Camps.


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Ram Ghat (Take a shared tuk-tuk from the train station, prices are fixed at 15 rupees. most people arriving at the station will be going there). Ramghat is the main feature of Chitrakoot and resembles a minature varranassi with river boats and pilgrims. It is located on the banks of the quiet river Mandakini. It is an important pilgrim spot and there are many ashrams where holy men in saffron dresses meditate and offer the solace of their wisdom to the large number of pilgrims who congregate there. (updated Feb 2019) 25.0979380.768791 Gupt Godavari (It is around 18 km from Chitrakut and 10 km from Anasuya Atri Ashram.). Gupt Godavari is a natural wonder consisting of two caves. There is a pond known as 'Sitakund' in one of these caves which is perpetually fed by a small stream of water. It is believed that Ram and his brother Lakshman held court in the cave with a stream of water running along its baseand two natural throne-like rocks. It really is quiet nice, be prepared to walk through knee deep water on uneven ground. Entrance is ten rupees but beware, the ticket office may fry to sell you multiple tickets and the cave is full of shameless priests who will demand donations, offerings, larger donations, and are not above grabbing tourists! Assume you will loose at least 50 rupees. (updated Feb 2019) Hanuman Dhara. Hanuman Dhara is a spring located on a steep hillside in Chitrakut. On foot one has to climb a steep flight of 360 steps to reach this place. There is a big statue of Lord Hanuman, on which the water of this spring tumbles over. It is believed that, Hanuman Dhara was created by Ram to assuage Hanuman when he returned after setting Lanka on fire.  25.1587880.864372 Janaki Kund. Janaki Kund is situated 2 km south of Chitrakoot in Satna District, on the banks of the Mandakini River. Literally ‘Janaki Kund’ means the ‘Pool of Sita’. According to a legend, it was the favorite bathing spot of Sita, during the years of exile with her husband Lord Ram. It is said that Sita's footprints are imprinted on the rocks here. It is a quiet place which is blessed by Sita and people consider it auspicious to bathe here.  Kamtanath Mandir. Some people said that during exile of lord Ram. Rama prayed to Kamtanath (Deity of local villagers) to fight with devils. After darshan in temple one must do parikrama of 5.5 Km around the Kamadgiri hill.  25.1653180.837863 Lakshaman Pahari. Some people believed that during exile younger brother of Ram stayed on the Lakshaman Hill. Lakshman hill is situated on half way of Parikrama path of Kamdgiri.  Sati Anusuiya. Sati Anasuya Temple is located at Sati Anasuya in Chitrakut District of Uttar Pradesh. It enshrines the idol of Sati Anasuya, the wife of saint Atri, with her three babies who are said to be the incarnations of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswar.The 24 different forms of god appeared on the earth can be found here in the form of idols. The Mandakini River flows nearby. The ancient ashram of Rishi Atri is above the temple.  Sfatik Shila. Sphatik Shila is situated in a densely forested area to the south of Chitrakoot in Satna District. This picturesque spot is famous for its two massive rocks which are believed to have the footprints of Lord Ram. It is located within a short distance beyond Janaki kund, on the banks of the Mandakini River. According to legend it was here that Sita was pecked at by Jayant, son of Lord Indra, in the form of a crow.  25.1544580.883174 Sita Rasoi. This is believed that this place was the kitchen of Lord Ram’s wife Sita. Sita Rasoi is situated on the peak of the Hanuman Dhara Hill.