Top Attractions | Silent Valley National Park | India
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Silent Valley National Park

Inside the park

Enjoy the thick jungle, see the birds, you are lucky if you see the big mammals (on the short trek). Mostly you will see the Malabar Giant Squirrel, black langurs and of course many kinds of birds. Trek down to the Kunti river. There is also a watch tower overlooking the jungle. The back of the Inspection Bungalow at Mukkali is a great place for bird watching.

Outside the park

  • Ayyappa Vishnu Temple, Near State Bank, Agali (22 km on Coimbatore Road). Majestic golden pillar, green lawn and restaurants nearby.
  • Government goat farm, Vannathan Medu (29 km). Undulating green hills, streams and pretty vegetation.
  • Kavundikkal Gorge, Agaly road (5 km). Two hairpin bends down to the scenic valley with an amazing windmill staring you. The surroundings of the Shishu Bhavan is idea for a picnic.