Planning a Trip | Silent Valley National Park | India
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Silent Valley National Park

A Nilgiri wood-pigeon
  • From Coimbatore: 65 km
  • From Palakkad: 60 km
  • From Kozhikode: 120 km
  • From Mannarkkad: 20 km

The nearest railway station is Palghat Junction. From Palakkad, go to Mannarkkad, and from there to Mukkali. KSRTC buses are available every half an hour. If you are planning to stay at Mukkali, reserve rooms in advance at the Forest department resthouse. Or else you can stay at Mannarkkad or Agali Hills and hire a jeep to reach Mukkali by 8AM. Mukkali is about 60 km from Palakkad, with Mannarkkad en route. The visit to the Valley and Kunti river will take only a day, and you can return back to Palakkad the same evening.

Another nearby railway station is Coimbatore Junction. From Coimbatore, take the road to Anakatty (around 30 km) and from there to Agali Hills (15 km) and then to Mukkali (20 km). The total distance via the Coimbatore route is only around 65 km. Its almost a straight road drive from Coimbatore to Mukkali. The scenic roadway keeps one captivated all through.