Things to do | Silent Valley National Park | India
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Silent Valley National Park

Take a bath in the Bhawani River at Mukkali.

  • Take a bath in the river, Mukkali (1 km). The pristine waters of the River Bhavani will refresh you beyond description. Bhawani is the only east flowing river of Kerala state. All other rivers of Kerala flow westwards and terminate in the Arabian ocean. Bhavani river originates in the Silent Valley forest and flows 217 km towards Tamil Nadu and joins the Cauvery river.
  • Get a taste of Tamil Nadu, Anakatty border (36km). Take a bus to Anakkatty village. Cross the border to Tamil Nadu by walking. A bridge with a temple separates the Kerala state from Tamil Nadu state. The other side of the village is also called Anakkatty. But, over there, everything is in Tamil Nadu style. Back to Kerala, everything has a distinct Malayali touch. The bus station is on the Kerala side and the auto rikshaw parking is on the other side of the bridge. There are separate Autorikshaw parking for the differently colored Kerala and Tamil Nadu rikshaws. Immediately before the bridge, you can see a checkpost of Kerala.
  • Village visit: Pakkulam, Pakkulam (7 km on Anakkatty Road). Karmel Catholic church, St.Joseph Ashram, Church of God Bethel, Ayyappa Temple, Scenic Srikara foot overbridge, St. George convent.
  • Village visit: Thavalam (10 km on Anakkatty Road). Sahiyan Meditation centre, Juma masjidh, Galaxy restaurant. scenic surroundings. Bhavani river.