Getting Around | Gwalior | India
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  • 1 Get around
    • 1.1 By tempos
    • 1.2 By auto
    • 1.3 By bus

For moving in the area around Gwalior Fort, either autos or bike rickshaws work. Walking is also viable if you have time.

By tempos

The cheapest way to move inside the city, but you may need to share it with other passengers.

By auto

Costlier than tempos but convenient for going to internal parts of city. Remember, auto rickshaws in Gwalior do not have fare meters. So, never forget to negotiate fare before hiring one.

By bus

Buses are available to visit near by places as well as for travel to different cities. These buses are available from the Bus Stand near the Railway Station. M.P., Rajastahan, U.P, State Roadways Corporation have a number of bus services connecting to cities and towns around Gwalior. Some private operators also have luxury bus services on selected routes mostly starts from various parts of the city.