Frequently Asked Questions | India
Here you’ll find all of the information, content and tools you need to plan your holidays in India, including itineraries, accommodation and suggestions to make your holidays come alive.

How did this idea came into the picture?

Whenever I use to ask my friends in United Kingdom or else where that what is your travelling plan next summer or on Christmas. I almost never used to heard they saying India. The reason was first they’re not aware of what all you can really do in India and secondly if there were website, which could provide the correct information. The majority of websites belonged to the travel agents, which were providing biased information instead of real information. Yes I understanding that’s pure marketing but I personally believe that deceiving a traveller who is going with big intentions to what they’ll be experiencing and then they don’t get that, isn’t correct.

Beautiful places in Northeast India are totally unexplored. They’re unique and beautiful in many ways. A country which have Glacier in North, Himalayas on the right, Backwaters in South and Desert on the west. What more can you ask for.

This is one of the ideas why I felt the need of doing this project and Gladly many friends appreciated and some even helped me doing it.


Whom will the website benefit ?

It will benefit the country as in India in this case and also it will benefit the people travelling to India. The information provided on the website is helpful for both. India as a seller and travellers as customers. We are here to provide pure and true information without being biased. Travellers will get an insight of real India and not just that information which Agents provide which at times is biased as they’re looking to make money rather than thinking of creating the best experience for tourist.


What are we looking for, money and volunteering?

We’re looking for a help. It can be in any means. Weather volunteering, by posting reviews, pictures about places or financially which will help make the website more powerful by adding additional features like live chat to help travellers find more information, a map for people to design there itinerary, as a medium to persuade the travellers to India with a legitimate information.

I was so glad to have had the help provided by kate, who’s not even from India. But during her travel she loved the place so much that she wanted to bring her ideas to make the website better. She is the content editor and help us in adding information for 500 places in India. Now she’s managing the social media aswell. So you can follow us on Instagram @themagicalindia.


Why did you thought of supporting Pranav?

I meet Pranav in Edinburgh and Pranav was telling me about his idea of this website. I felt good that there is someone who loves his country and wants people to visit it and specially with a real information. I, myself have been to India 2 times and I loved the country. Yes in starting it felt a bit Chaotic but later on you miss that. I think that’s what India is about. I love that you travel to different state in India and things are totally different, the food, fashion, language. It’s amazing to see how these people still have such strong bond and they enjoy it.


Are we in future going to monetise it ?

No this is pure information website, we will not be monetising. It’s in no respect is developed from profitable point of view. Yes the hotel, airlines and such companies can advertise on our website, depending on how suitable they are and in return we would like them to promote our website on there page.


To help us grow up ?

We will be launching some merchandise as souvenirs from India, which again in no way is for profit but to sustain ourselves on day to day basis. We would also like to help the local people who have amazing skills in making the handicrafts but not a platform to sell directly.