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Imphal is the capital city of the Northeast Indian state of Manipur.


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INA Memorial at Moirang Loktak Lake - The largest fresh water lake in North-Eastern India and has floating lake. It is also the habitat of Curvus Eldi Eldi, an endangered species found only in Manipur. Matai Garden- The garden is situated at Matai, Imphal east district about 5 km towards North in NH-39.The garden is also called as Ibudhou Asheiningthou garden taking the name from Ibudhou Asheiningthou(local God of Matai). The garden is known for its myriad Duranta plant, well shaped and decorating the entire garden. 24.805293.93721 Manipur State Museum, Kangla Rd (near the polo grounds). 10am-4:30pm. The museum is varied. It includes portraits of Manipuri royalty, tribal costumes, polo equipment (Manipur is one of the places in the world that claims to have invented the sport) along with weapons and other tools used by the people in the past. The biggest thing they have displayed is a 78 foot long royal boat in the open air gallery. (updated Feb 2018) Manipur Zoological Garden, Imphal-Kanchup Road, Lamphelpat, ☎ +91 70853 21247. Winter (Oct to Mar) 10am-4pm Summer (Apr to Sep) 10am-4:30pm. A smallish zoo but teeming with wildlife. Spanning 8 hectares, in total there are 55 species of animals and 420 animals overall with 14 species endangered and endemic. The rarest and most enchanting of these is the Sangai, also known as the brow-antlered deer. (updated Feb 2018) Sambal- Lei-Sekpil garden. The garden is situated in Sagolband, Kwakeithel, Imphal, toward the Tidim road. The place is world famous for Sambal- Lei-Sekpil literally sambal means fence lei means flower and sekpil means topiary. The flower was featured in the Guinness Book of Records in 1999 (at the height of 50 ft. 35 steps). The garden is open to visitors. Shree Govindajee Temple- This place was considered to be the highest place for any cultural activity during the times of the Maharajas. Located at a place near the Royal palace of past Maharajas, it has two domes and a raised congregation hall. Kangla Fort (Kangla Palace). The palace and fort had been used for hundreds of years to defend the Manipuris from invading neighbours such as the Assamese and Burmese. The British finally penetrated the fortress for good in the 1891 Anglo-Manipur War. (updated Feb 2018)