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Patnitop is a small hill-station town in the Jammu Division of Jammu and Kashmir, far away from the military tension in the Kashmir Valley. Origin of the name Patnitop is a distortion of the original name of "Patan Da Talab", meaning "Pond of the Princess". In olden times a pond existed in the meadows and the king's princess often used to have her bath there. Part of the pond still exists near the youth hostel. The British probably couldn't get the name correct in their revenue records, and over the years it changed from "Patan Da Talab" to Patnitop.


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33.094875.31341 Climb "Billo ki Powri", Dawariyai (1.8 kilometres from Patnitop on the Patnitop-Sanasar road). "Billo ki powri" is a staircase of 270 steps carved in mountain stone.  33.0997475.288532 Sanasar Meadows (7000 ft above sea level), 19 km from Patnitop Resort (Take left turn from the main Patnitop Junction on NH1A). Enjoy the tranquility of the meadow, pine forest and views of snow capped mountains  Trek to Sudh Mahadev temple, is a 15-kilometer, 5-hour moderate (Swiss Alpine Club grade - T2) trek. The trek starts at Hotel Green Top, Patnitop and ends at Sudh Mahadev, 20 kilometres from Chennai town on the Chenani - Mantalai road. Sudh Mahadev temple is believed to be 2800 years old. This temple is one the oldest Shiva temples in Jammu & Kashmir. In the temple premises, there stands a Trident (Trishul) that in the local dialect is called 'Gaja'. The sacred Trident has inscriptions in an ancient manuscript that are yet undeciphered. The trekking trail is rocky for most part and requires hiking shoes. The trail passes through Chamunda Mata temple (2788 metres) on Shivgarh ridge which affords some mesmerising views over the Mantalai valley. Along the trail are nesting spots for Himalayan vultures. These colossal birds may weigh between 8–12 kilograms and they may achieve a wingspan between 8.4 and 10.2 feet. Whiteouts are frequent on Shivgarh ridge at midday and its better to make an early start.